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Watermelon Automatic

Delicious terpenes. Great yields. 20% THC. Watermelon Automatic ticks all of the boxes and serves as an awesome all-rounder. This fast-growing variety offers a dense canopy of tasty buds in only a matter of weeks. Grow her with ease both indoors and outdoors, and watch her mature in no time at all. She's ideal for both beginner and advanced growers, thriving almost anywhere.
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Watermelon Automatic: Tropical Wonder With a Stoning, Happy High

Some smokers select their strains based purely on effects, whereas others centre their choices around taste. Watermelon Automatic ticks both of these boxes, delivering a potent psychoactive effect alongside a terpene profile that makes the mouth water. This delicious variety casts a tranquil indica blanket over the body and mind, and produces excellent yields every time.

Watermelon Automatic: Embrace the Offspring of Tropicanna Cookies and Lemon OG

Our skilled breeders set out with the intention of crafting a strain that lights the taste buds on fire. To achieve such a tantalising terpene profile, they selected two of the most flavourful parent strains available: Tropicanna Cookies and Lemon OG. Both of these varieties are packed full of limonene, myrcene, and other fruity and earthy molecules.

After crossbreeding and stabilising these varieties over several generations, Watermelon Automatic emerged with a genetic makeup of 75% indica, 20% sativa, and 5% ruderalis. The speedy autoflowering strain managed to inherit all of the tasty terpenes from her ancestors.

Growing Watermelon Automatic: A Treat in and of Itself

Watermelon Automatic boasts a speedy life cycle and thoroughly rewarding yields. Plus, her compact and stealthy nature allows growers to cultivate her in tight indoor spaces and hidden outdoor settings.

Indoor plants reach heights of 70–110cm and—left to grow of their own free will—will form one large central cola. When subjected to low-stress training, she’ll grow closer to the ground and form a more uniform and productive canopy. Expect a rewarding yield of up to 500g/m² a mere 8–9 weeks after germination.

Plants grown outdoors reach slightly taller heights of 90–120cm and produce a respectable stash of 100g/plant. They grow well in containers, raised beds, or directly in the ground.

Aroma, Flavour, and Effects of Watermelon Automatic: A Triple Threat on All Counts

Although compact and cute, these resinous buds pack a heavy hit. A THC level of 20% slams the body with a formidable yet comforting indica high that soothes the body, mind, and soul. Medium levels of CBD synergise with the psychotropic cannabinoid to take the edge off of any overwhelming effects.

Enjoy this strain in the evening to bask in her pleasant euphoria. As you do, you'll be met with a divine swarm of aromas and flavours, courtesy of a rich and sweet terpene profile. Characteristic scents of watermelon mix with other tropical fruits and hints of earth for a well-rounded but undeniably refreshing smoke.

Watermelon Automatic data sheet
Strain Type: Autoflowering
THC: 20
CBD: Medium
Yield Indoor: 450 - 500 gr/m2
Yield Outdoor: 50 - 90 gr
Height Indoor: 80 - 110 cm
Height Outdoor: 100 - 120 cm
цветения: 6 - 7 недели
Месяц сбора урожая: 8-9 недель после посева
Генетический фон: Tropicanna Cookies x Lemon OG
Type: 20% Sativa, 75% Indica, 5% Ruderalis
Эффект: Calming
Climate: Cold
Aroma: Fruity, Watermelon

    By T. I. on 02/Aug/2021 :

    Пол : Awesome
    Комментарии : Ordered 5 seeds, only popped 2 so far but both popped perfectly! Can't wait for the rest!

    By L. P. on 02/Aug/2021 :

    Пол : Auto water melon
    Комментарии : All 5 seeds germinated very quick Outdoors in the uk

    By J. M. on 28/Jul/2021 :

    Пол : erichle
    Комментарии : Alle 10 Samen sind nach 4 Tagen gekeimt, und wachsen schön

    By S. C. on 26/Jul/2021 :

    Пол : WM
    Комментарии : Its alive...!! Its alive...!!! Still growin on....

    By A. B. on 22/Jul/2021 :

    Пол : good germination, good growing, beautiful plant
    Комментарии : good germination, good growing, beautiful plant

    By L. L. on 18/Jul/2021 :

    Пол : Lo
    Комментарии : Top 👍 livraison rapide et bonne qualité 👌

    By N. J. on 18/Jul/2021 :

    Пол : Nico
    Комментарии : Der Name trifft es perfekt. Hat einen starken Wassermelonen Geruch und schmeckt sehr fruchtig. Von der Wirkung her nicht wie andere RQS Automatics aber kann mich trotzdem nicht beschweren. Wächst sehr Breit und buschig.

    By D. M. on 15/Jul/2021 :

    Пол : Tolle Sorte!
    Комментарии : Keimt sehr schnell und zuverlässig. Kleiner Wuchs und dennoch wunderschöne Knopsen :)

    By B. B. on 14/Jul/2021 :

    Пол : Ben
    Комментарии : Excellente qualité je recommande

    By C. V. on 12/Jul/2021 :

    Пол : Lecker
    Комментарии : Súper leckere Sorte

    By G. B. on 12/Jul/2021 :

    Пол : Geile Sorte , Geruch ist mega lecker , süß wie man es erwartet !
    Комментарии : Hat mich überrascht wie groß die Pflanze geworden ist und wie fest die Buds sind für eine Auto... Kann ich nur weiter empfehlen !! Ertrag ist auf jeden fall fett ;) !!

    By H. C. on 09/Jul/2021 :

    Пол : Adoro
    Комментарии : Muito boa planta , sabor delicioso

    By I. G. on 05/Jul/2021 :

    Пол : Gonzales
    Комментарии : Begeistert

    By R. C. on 05/Jul/2021 :

    Пол : Spaziale
    Комментарии : Germinazione veloce e anche la crescita vedremo il risultato finale se sono come le jack the ripper spaziali veramente

    By S. D. on 05/Jul/2021 :

    Пол : Only one of two germinated
    Комментарии : Bought 2 of these along with 2 do-si-dos auto and 2 sherbert Queen auto, got 3 free gorilla auto (which was great). All of them have germinated within 3 days, apart from the 2 do-si-dos and one watermelon unfortunately. Waited for 2 weeks before giving up on them. The one watermelon I have left looks the best of the bunch so far though

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From Cip | 2021-03-26 01:09:23

Is femini

Royal Queen Seeds Team

Yes, this is a feminized strain.

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