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  • Cannabis Pests - Cochineal

    One of the last things you want to see living on the surface of your weed plants is cochineal. These little beasts can reproduce rapidly and form huge numbers. They have a fond taste for the sap of ...

  • Types of containers for growing weed

    Not all growing containers are equal. Some types of containers are better suited for some purposes than others. Likewise, growing pots don’t just differ in size. You can find containers from the ...

  • Grow Stronger taste and Smelling Cannabis

    Every strain has a unique smell and taste, whether skunky, fruity or anywhere in between. Every grower values huge yields and strong flowers, but nothing quite beats bud, that also smells tempting ...

  • Cannabis trichomes importance

    Everything you need to know about what makes your green sticky icky. Trichomes are the frost on your buds and the resin from which all your favourite Hash, BHO, Shatter and Wax are made. We zoom in ...

  • Growing Cannabis Cold Weather

    Growing marijuana in cold weather doesn't have to be a misery. Allow us to demystify and share with you the secrets of cropping cannabis in the cold. Ganja farming in cooler conditions actually has ...

  • Pythium

    Pythium is the unseen enemy of the root zone of cannabis plants both indoors and outdoors. Don't allow this nasty fungus to turn the roots of your precious marijuana plants into brown foul smelling ...

  • Avoid mold while curing your weed

    Your dank, resinous buds serve as a prime breeding ground for mould and mildew directly after harvest. It is of high importance to insure the integrity of your weed is maintained by drying and curi ...

  • Cannabis calyxes

    Knowing what a calyx is and what parts the calyx is comprised of can provide the cannabis grower with tips and tools to help with a successful and easy harvest.

  • Reverse Osmosis

    Water quality is important when growing cannabis. Reverse osmosis filters put you completely in charge of the mineral profile of your water. Lets look at reverse osmosis.
  • Cannabis and Grasshoppers

    Grasshoppers are dangerous pests to your cannabis crop. That said, there are several effective methods to protect your crops from infestations - both before and during the growing season.

  • Micro Growing

    You probably thought about growing your own weed sometimes, but concluded that it's too much of a hassle? Look no further, micro growing has everything you're looking for and more.
  • Start indoors and move outdoors?

    There can be situations where it makes sense that you start plants indoors but want to move them outdoors, such as for flowering or that they can continue growing outside to their full potential. Movi ...
  • How to grow a Marijuana Bonsai

    Marijuana bonsai trees are real. They're not a myth. You can grow a Bonsai ganja tree to soothe your soul and make you happy and high. Check it out.
  • Cannabis Heat Stress

    Growing cannabis can be a tricky proposition. However, there are some tried and true techniques to preventing damage to the plants from overheating.
  • Can I use plant training methods on autos?

    Training autoflowering cannabis varieties can be a slick move or a facepalm, depending on who you talk to. We shed some light on training autoflowering marijuana.

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