Haze varieties are extraordinary sativa strains. Albeit, with a contentious and hazy history. Sam the Skunk Man boasts his version of Haze’s true origins, while the original “King of Cannabis” Nevil Schoenmakers provides a more plausible explanation for the lineage and subsequent refinement of Haze. But even his claims are not without their discrepancies. 

Concerning the very beginnings of Haze history, there isn’t much to be certain of. Both of the above parties unreservedly accredit the “Haze Brothers” from America’s West Coast as the creators of the strain. The brothers were known for cultivating a wide selection of sativa genetics, apparently growing everything from Thai to Colombian and even Mexican and South Indian strains as well. Occurring throughout most of the 1960’s and 70’s, crossing so many diverse landraces eventually resulted in what we know today as the original Haze hybrid.


During the 1980’s, these genetics found their way to the Netherlands. Through a combination of selective breeding and adaptation to indoor cultivation, the modern Haze varieties were developed. Many seed banks and European breeders would spend the best part of the next three decades continuing and honing in on this work.

Sativa connoisseurs will choose Haze over other strains at a moment’s notice. Smoking Haze is a unique, mind-expanding experience. The polar opposite of the couch-locking Kush effect, Haze is far more psychedelic and cerebral than it is physical. Whereas heavy indicas turn off the lights, genuine Haze sparks the imagination. Always a 1st choice head stash for the Cloud Eaters, Haze is truly a strain for the dreamers among us.


Royal Queens Seeds was founded by sativa lovers, so it’s no surprise that some of the most extraordinary Haze varieties are to be found exclusively in the RQS Haze Collection. Genuine Haze is often imitated but never equalled. However, top-shelf Haze induces trippy, euphoric vibrations like no other weed around.

Few cannabis seed banks possess authentic Haze genetics. Far fewer contain the expertise to successfully hybridise Haze if they did. Royal Queen Seeds brings the heat. Packing Fire Haze genetics and decades of master breeding expertise, our seeds are feminised and quite possibly the finest head stash strains in the game today.

Shining Silver Haze Royal Queen Seeds

Shining Silver Haze Royal Queen SeedsSHINING SILVER HAZE

Entire seed banks have been founded on a combination of Northern Lights, Skunk and Haze genetics. By successfully hybridising all three legendary varieties into one definitive Haze hybrid strain, Royal Queen Seeds gives you the Shining Silver Haze.

Blending indica genetics with Haze is a complicated business. Striking the right balance between reduced flowering times and optimal Haze conditions is no easy feat. With Shining Silver Haze, RQS retains the trademark cerebral effects of this strain with quicker flowering times. In fact, growers can crop a heavy harvest of high flying haze nuggs in just 9-10 weeks of bloom!

Moreover, plants are far more compact and manageable when grown indoors, reaching approximately 1m. Outdoors, this strain can tower up to 2m, featuring ornaments of high-quality bud throughout. If you want top-grade Haze without the high-maintenance, accept no substitutes for Shining Silver Haze in your grow-op.

Amnesia Haze Royal Queen SeedsAMNESIA HAZE

Hands down the most popular Haze variety among growers worldwide is Amnesia Haze. This strain has been scooping every high profile international cannabis cup and as a result has become the hottest selling strain right now.

Amnesia Haze is tremendously potent with THC levels touching 22%. Newbie tokers beware: the Ammo might just blow your head off. World-renowned for inducing long-lasting euphoria and a uniquely tropical flavour, this strain is genuine .50 calibre Haze.

Yields can be generous, provided you have the patience for a 12 week bloom cycle. Highly recommended for experienced sativa growers looking for something extraordinary, Amnesia Haze shouldn’t be missed.

Lemon Shining Silver Haze Royal Queen Seeds


For both the novice grower and the seasoned sativa cultivator looking for a low maintenance head stash, allow us to introduce you to Royal Haze Automatic. These days, if you want 15%+ THC sativas in 10-12 weeks total crop time, you can have it.

Royal Queen Seeds’ next generation breeding program has successfully created a host of Fire autoflowering strains rivalling photoperiod alternatives. The Royal Haze Automatic is a pedigree blend of Amnesia Haze, Skunk and Ruderalis.

Compact and typically under 1m tall, Royal Haze is easy to grow and yields a heavy serving of buds. Royal Haze Automatic will make you a believer. Capable of producing up to 350g/m² indoors and up to 180g per plant outdoors, there is simply no good reason not to give these beans a run.

Haze Berry Royal Queen SeedsHAZE BERRY

Fusing Shining Silver Haze with a DJ Short Blueberry has spawned a Haze hybrid bursting with sweet flavours and an even sweeter high. The Haze Berry is definitely not your typical Haze. Yet again, the master breeders at Royal Queen Seeds have created a strain that will change your perception of Haze varieties.

Visually, Haze Berry displays an excellent combination of indica and sativa attributes. Long slender leaves and low fertiliser requirements style it like a classic sativa, while its compact structure and dense, plentiful buds prove it’s indica lineage.

9-11 weeks of bloom and a little TLC and you can expect up to 575g/m² indoors and up to 650g per plant outdoors. In cooler conditions, plants can develop purple/blue colours. 20% THC and a mix of head and body effects differentiate Haze Berry from the average variety. An initial euphoric rush gives way to a creeping body stone that makes Haze Berry a favourite among tokers that find other Hazes a little too racy and cerebral.

Haze Berry Royal Queen Seeds

Chocolate Haze Royal Queen SeedsCHOCOLATE HAZE

Everyone loves a comeback. Royal Queen Seeds have re-engineered and rebooted vintage Chocolate Thai OG and Cannalope Haze to reinvent the Chocolate Haze. During the 1980’s, weed with chocolate aromas and sweet flavours were the most prized and sought after among connoisseurs. Unfortunately, the Chocolate Thai fad came and went.

Our 21st-century Chocolate Haze is top-shelf cannabis with 20%+ concentrations of THC. Noted for an uplifting and long-lasting head buzz, this modern classic sustains none of the high-maintenance downsides associated with Thai strains. However, the decadently sweet chocolate and coffee flavours have been retained and then some.

You can expect a more reasonable growth cycle with a reduced flowering period of 9-10 weeks. Plus, the yield from 90-160cm tall indoor plants can be as high as 500g/m². Outdoors, in warm dry conditions, 2m Chocolate ganja trees can produce up to 500g each. Harvests will be tasty and effects will be potent with this Chocolate Haze.

Lemon Shining Silver Haze Royal Queen SeedsLEMON SHINING SILVER HAZE

Lemon Shining Silver Haze is the Haze with a citrus bite. By crossing the tropical Amnesia Haze with the juiciest Lemon Skunk, Royal Queen Seeds have given every sativa sybarite something to smile about. Fresh zesty lemon aromas will perfume the grow-op. Moreover, this sweet citric Haze tastes as good as she looks and will keep you coming back for more.

Effects of this strain are almost completely cerebral and felt immediately. Energetic, creative flurries are common. You may tidy your bedroom or perhaps paint an impressionist artwork! It all depends on your mood and dose of these sweet lemon nugs.

Lemon Shining Silver Haze is best cropped with some early training/pruning. Choose the Screen of Green (ScrOG) method to achieve maximum yields. Grown indoors, or outdoors in southern climates, this strain is a winner of many awards within the cannabis industry and has the home-grower results to prove it. Make room in your cannabis garden this season for the 25% THC queen of hazes.


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