Companion Planting And Marijuana

The goal of companion planting is to create an intensive, self-sustaining polyculture aimed at providing support and nurture for your cannabis at each of its growth phases without resorting to human-made supplements. Crop diversity in any sized space is intended to mimic nature where many species grow simultaneously in the one area. Simply put, growing companion plant can aid and boost your cannabis grow.

Each thing grown benefits another thing grown. Some species attract beneficial insects to the garden. Other species improve soil quality and water retention. While other species gain fix nitrogen deficiencies, or repel unwanted pests, provide mulch, shade, and green manure.

Polycultures make the best use of soil throughout the whole year. Plants grow stronger with healthier immune systems when a number of crops are grown in the same soil and have been shown to fight microorganisms more readily than in monocultures. A polyculture refers to growing multiple crops together, where monoculture means to only grow one crop.

Companion Planting

Polycultures also increase the local biodiversity by attracting and becoming habitat for multiple beneficial species. Biodiversity plays an important role in the health of any environmental system. Cannabis plants as part of a biodiverse poly-culture are more able to adjust to changes in climate and resist adverse conditions, pathogens, and plagues.

Monocultures are proven to be easily susceptible to disease and pest infestation. If a blight or plague attacks and kills one plant, then it is likely to spread to all plants. In a monoculture, this spells disaster as whole crops can be destroyed.

When companion planting, the supporting network of plants and creatures they attract prevent pathogens and infestations from being able to accumulate rapidly and do damage. This means no need for pesticides and fungicides which are disastrous for the planet being cumulative toxins that can poison the ecosphere and harm human beings.

Even the smallest of plots benefits from companion planting and the polyculture principle. It is quite surprising how many plants including a cannabis plant can be planted into a single square metre. Enough to keep you in salad for the summer that's for sure.

Large grow bags and pots can even support several beneficial species every season. So much so that commercial cannabis farms could have a supplementary income from culinary herb production as part of a considered companion planting strategy.

If you have the space, the aim of an intensive poly-culture is to have a self-reproducing organic system that doesn't need outside intervention. In the ideal situation, your companion planting mini forest will self-seed and find its own balance over the years filling in all niches and micro climates. It is into this self-regulating system that you plant your cannabis and other annuals when spring arrives.

Companion planting is the sensible organic approach to healthy soil and biodiversity that enriches the growth of the marijuana plant.


If you are interested in adding companion plants to your cannabis grow, you can find out the specifics of each plant, and pick up some seeds by viewing our range of Royal Guardians.

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