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    By B. A. on 27/Jul/2021 :

    Пол : Prachtvolle Krone
    Комментарии : Ich bin begeistert von dieser Schönheit. Sie ist nicht anspruchsvoll aber dafür wunderschön und Robust. Mann muss sie einfach getestet haben

    By D. J. on 06/Jul/2021 :

    Пол : Spectacular Shogun!!!
    Комментарии : One of the nicest strains I have ever smoked!! It blew me sideways!!😎😎😎 I didn't get the biggest yield out of the 3 beans I ran BUT they sure made up for it quality wise!! Thank you Royal Queen Seeds!! Highly recommend this strain.

    By J. S. on 05/Jul/2021 :

    Пол : Jeff
    Комментарии : out of 3 seeds one sprouted. I do not say more

    By C. S. on 05/Jul/2021 :

    Пол : Germinati 5 su 5
    Комментарии : Ottimo

    By O. H. on 30/Jun/2021 :

    Пол : O.H.
    Комментарии : :D tak pro informaci teď jsem v 8. Týdnu od semínka . Teď muj Shogánek měří 1,58 m a má 21 ramen :D zatím muj největší stain za tak malou chvíli >_

    By T. S. on 14/Jun/2021 :

    Пол : goood quality
    Комментарии : good quality fast delivery all good from me =)

    By J. M. on 04/Jun/2021 :

    Пол : pleased
    Комментарии : The best strain I ever had. I have to recommend to everyone :)

    By T. M. on 25/May/2021 :

    Пол : pleased
    Комментарии : Everything sprouted in a few days

    By G. L. on 06/May/2021 :

    Пол : SaraH
    Комментарии : Colis discret et rapide... mise à germer le 5 mai en bonne lune... à suivre !

    By S. D. on 19/Apr/2021 :

    Пол : 👍👍👍👍
    Комментарии : Je recommande à 100%!!

    By J. S. on 19/Apr/2021 :

    Пол : Interesting taste
    Комментарии : Very earthy taste

    By L. R. on 13/Apr/2021 :

    Пол : Shogun
    Комментарии : Seme fantastico, appena nata da già i suoi primi segni di sativa, avendo le foglioline più strette rispetto ad una pianta indica. Germogliata in 2 giorni. Su tutti i semi che ho preso qui su royal queen seeds sono usciti tutti, spettacolare. Grandi. Semi Top.

    By N. H. on 12/Apr/2021 :

    Пол : Supper
    Комментарии : 👌👍

    By A. R. on 12/Apr/2021 :

    Пол : Rico
    Комментарии : Top

    By N. P. on 07/Apr/2021 :

    Пол : Tata Nat
    Комментарии : Pas encore fait germer ! mais gratuite donc cool

    By T. M. on 06/Apr/2021 :

    Пол : shogun
    Комментарии : piekny krzak

    By G. V. on 30/Mar/2021 :

    Пол : Perfecto
    Комментарии : Todo bien sin ningún problema

    By T. G. on 29/Mar/2021 :

    Пол : au top
    Комментарии : grow fast and big , smell strong , perfect rqs

    By F. S. on 29/Mar/2021 :

    Пол : Shogun
    Комментарии : super top de la bombe effet garanti

    By D. A. on 29/Mar/2021 :

    Пол : Mat
    Комментарии : Bon produit merci

    By C. P. on 25/Mar/2021 :

    Пол : partygoer
    Комментарии : 3/3 germinated, didn't grow too tall, but massive buds. started flowering earlier than expected (outdoors @ southern greek island). pleasant smoke, giggling & socialising ... "puts a smile on your face" 😀

    By J. G. on 23/Mar/2021 :

    Пол : jph
    Комментарии : livraison rapide, germination 100%

    By D. S. on 19/Mar/2021 :

    Пол : Particolarmente strana
    Комментарии : Strana ecco come la definirei, Su 3 semi piantati sono cresciuti tutti e dopo 9 settimane di fioritura, in cui la nona é stata enormemente produttiva ed ha fatto maturare i diamanti, la taglio la secco e la provo, ecco qui parte la stranezza gusto ottimo fruttato e dolciastro con retrogusto di terra e fiori e una spruzzata di freschezza, per il primo minuto nulla poi comincio a sentirmi leggero sempre di più inizialmente una sensazione solo fisica ma é quello che ti frega nemmeno il tempo di accorgertene e ecco spuntare un sorrisetto infantile le palpebre sempre più pesanti e puf i pensieri se ne vanno, e se metti anche un solo filo di musica riesci ad apprendere a pieno il senso della vita e i tuoi pensieri veleggiano come nelle montagne russe tra un momento di euforia e uno di relax portandoti ad una pace interiore. Ecco come descrivere la mia esperienza con la shogun Daniel Secco

    By E. C. on 16/Mar/2021 :

    Пол : Qualità
    Комментарии : Semi ottimi, hanno dato i loro frutti ed è una qualità di stativa eccellente

    By J. S. on 15/Mar/2021 :

    Пол : Good strain
    Комментарии : Very nice taste, smells a bit though

    By R. H. on 08/Mar/2021 :

    Пол : 🌞🌞🌞
    Комментарии : I highly recommend it to people with mental disabilities. When it seems to you that your medications are already drawing your body and mind, but without them it is not possible ... perfect strain. As breeders state, you will experience a real “shot on the moon.” I also think that the description of this product fully corresponds to reality.

    By A. B. on 08/Mar/2021 :

    Пол : SHOGUN
    Комментарии : esagerata

    By D. P. on 05/Mar/2021 :

    Пол : Great!
    Комментарии : Easy to grow and big buds.

    By R. S. on 04/Mar/2021 :

    Пол : La migliore
    Комментарии : Germinati 4su 5 e uno spettacolo di pianta di grosse dimensioni e frutti dolci e fantastici sicuramente una genetica che non deve mancare. Bravi

    By G. M. on 02/Mar/2021 :

    Пол : Shogun
    Комментарии : Prodotto arrivato in pochi giorni con spedizione standard (4/5 giorni lavorativi). Tutti germinati, compreso quello in omaggio!! Con RQS si va sul sicuro!

    By D. G. on 19/Feb/2021 :

    Пол : Derek
    Комментарии : Super produit

    By Z. P. on 15/Feb/2021 :

    Пол : Shogun
    Комментарии : Zatím vše ok, semeno vyklíčilo. Už se těším na výsledek. :-)

    By I. G. on 10/Feb/2021 :

    Пол : Ottima pianta
    Комментарии : Tutti germinato la pianta è forte

    By E. M. on 05/Feb/2021 :

    Пол : Un erba eccezzionale
    Комментарии : Ci vuole un po di più ma da così tanta soddisfazione.

    By M. M. on 05/Feb/2021 :

    Пол : Stupenda
    Комментарии : Top Quality

    By S. D. on 04/Feb/2021 :

    Пол : So pleased
    Комментарии : I do recommend this strain for any type of a very strong strain, she can deal with a lot of stress...any recovers very quickly. My “baby” became a “monster” and she started her 3rd week of flowering....can’t wait to taste it....recommend ❤️

    By M. J. on 04/Feb/2021 :

    Пол : Mr. Zwiebel
    Комментарии : Super alles aufgegangen gute Genetik. Top steal Versand

    By I. P. on 25/Jan/2021 :

    Пол : Ola
    Комментарии : Très bonne odeur je recommande !

    By C. C. on 22/Jan/2021 :

    Пол : Super sympa
    Комментарии : Très bonne variété facile à produire Légèrement poivré et puissante

    By J. D. on 21/Jan/2021 :

    Пол : Melle
    Комментарии : Miam miam

    By O. S. on 15/Jan/2021 :

    Пол : Buyah
    Комментарии : Schnelle Lieferung, alle Samen sind gekeimt. Bin sehr zufrieden

    By K. K. on 14/Jan/2021 :

    Пол : Hazeeffekt
    Комментарии : Really nice strain ! vaporized it really pushs ur mind a bit and a clear not not paranoid high is following but normally smoked or after smoking more then one joint u will not work better or rule ur life but u really doesnt matter abouit it^^ it ill let u foprget ur problems and come to terms with boredom :D one of my favourites!!!

    By O. L. on 13/Jan/2021 :

    Пол : didounette
    Комментарии : ça y est elles ont germé en 5 jours, super !

    By L. R. on 07/Jan/2021 :

    Пол : shogun very good
    Комментарии : Fast delivery. excellent packaging. rapid germination and growth. good harvest. great taste.

    By A. N. on 05/Jan/2021 :

    Пол : Mel
    Комментарии : Fidèle à la description ! Grosses têtes et grosses récoltes ! Effet au Top, difficile de trouver mieux, aussi bien que cookie gelato !!!

    By C. W. on 31/Dec/2020 :

    Пол : Very Awesome
    Комментарии : A Really delicious one that i don't want to miss, good work RQS !

    By C. C. on 30/Dec/2020 :

    Пол : J-L
    Комментарии : Très bonne variété facile à produire, citronné et puissante je recommande

    By A. K. on 28/Dec/2020 :

    Пол : Nr1
    Комментарии : Dit is hem tot nu toe , amnesia en gorilla jawel , makkelijk te kweken en de beste soort tot nu toe , sorry rqs , maar deze heb ik voor altijd in men collectie , top top top

    By S. M. on 24/Dec/2020 :

    Пол : Shogun rules!
    Комментарии : Big plant, huge yield! Strong pain-killing effects, gorgeous flavour and so well worth giving it much TLC.

    By J. C. on 23/Dec/2020 :


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