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Triple G

Our breeders knocked it out of the park with Triple G. They extracted the finest traits from two world-renowned cultivars to create a best-in-class indica hybrid.
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Triple G (Gorilla Glue Gelato): Prepare For Liftoff

Triple G was born into a prestigious family. Her title serves as a tribute to her powerful and famous ancestors: Gorilla Glue and Gelato. Both of these varieties have taken the cannabis world by storm. They’re known internationally for their superior strength, mind-blowing flavour, and high productivity. We took our own versions of these legends—Green Gelato and Royal Gorilla—to create Triple G.

Our breeders wanted to create something that would rival the world-class genetics of her parents. Triple G is precisely that. She features a massive THC level and dessert-like flavours to please the body, mind, and taste buds in kind. Overall, she’s a formidable indica-dominant beast (85% indica).


A word of warning: don’t underestimate Triple G! Novice smokers should approach this strain with the utmost caution. Take things one toke at a time. Her bulbous flowers appear like they’re ready to release a sea of shiny resin. This psychoactive nectar contains a THC content of 26% that will elevate your mind within seconds. Experienced smokers will feel an immediate rush of euphoric energy light up the central nervous system. Although these feelings are enjoyable, they might cause anxiety in less-experienced smokers.

If you can handle the high, get ready for a fantastic ride of deep contemplation, creativity, and introversion. Triple G also offers profound therapeutic potential for those seeking symptomatic relief. Give her a shot if you experience appetite loss, insomnia, or chronic pain.

Tastes of rich chocolate, berries, and candy augment these effects. The sensory bombardment doesn’t stop there. Expect pungent aromas of earth, spice, and diesel.


Triple G forms a dense canopy of narrow, spiky flowers. These buds are laden with bright orange pistils and a thick coating of trichomes. Her heavy indica dominance results in a bush-like shape, which makes her easier to manage than most. Growers can utilise topping and pruning to expose her bud sites to equal light. She deals with indoor and outdoor conditions equally well and provides a medium yield in both environments.

Triple G data sheet
Strain Type: Feminized
THC: 26%
CBD: Low
Yield Indoor: 525 - 575 gr/m2
Yield Outdoor: 600 - 650 gr/plant
Height Indoor: 90 – 140 cm
Height Outdoor: 140-180 cm
цветения: 8 - 9 недель
Месяц сбора урожая: середина октября
Генетический фон: Gorilla Glue 4 x Gelato 33
Type: Sativa 15% Indica 85%
Эффект: Clear, Euphoric, Fast Thinking, Motivating
Climate: Warm
Aroma: Chocolate, Citrus, Diesel, Earthy

    By F. C. on 17/Jun/2021 :

    Комментарии : Je recommande à 100% cette variété, excellents génotypes, qualité exceptionnelle et rendement à la hauteur. 3G = VALIDÉ

    By A. R. on 20/May/2021 :

    Пол : Rico
    Комментарии : Super ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    By U. W. on 20/May/2021 :

    Пол : Hi
    Комментарии : Sorte mit unvergleichlichem High. Sehr empfehlenswert.

    By H. C. on 19/May/2021 :

    Пол : TG
    Комментарии : top!!

    By E. G. on 19/May/2021 :

    Пол : Its growing
    Комментарии : I planted this seed a couple weeks ago and now i have a small steam growing, hopefully it will grow fine but cannot really say yet.

    By N. H. on 18/May/2021 :

    Пол : Triple G
    Комментарии : Very easy to grow in Sog. Buds are very dens with good smell.. One plant is little purple on buds what looks amazing.

    By B. M. on 14/May/2021 :

    Пол : belgique
    Комментарии : top odeur des le début je recomande

    By J. S. on 10/May/2021 :

    Пол : Triple g
    Комментарии : De momento bien cuando coseche pondré opinión completa

    By I. G. on 05/May/2021 :

    Пол : 3G
    Комментарии : Muy buena genetica

    By D. R. on 28/Apr/2021 :

    Пол : Eccezionale
    Комментарии : Impressionato.dalla qualita incredibile

    By R. P. on 27/Apr/2021 :

    Пол : Topponi
    Комментарии : E' venuto su un mostro assurdo. Inutile dire che stende di brutto.

    By O. T. on 26/Apr/2021 :

    Пол : 2/3
    Комментарии : well ordered 3 seeds and 2 didnt grow :( but bonus seed was growing...

    By N. M. on 26/Apr/2021 :

    Пол : Herr
    Комментарии : Realy Realy nice Terps and a wonderfull taste! 3 G has become my favorit strain very quickily but not only becauseof it's data sheet!

    By F. G. on 23/Apr/2021 :

    Пол : Troppo Forte
    Комментарии : Ostia.... veramente esagerata.....richiede un po' di attenzione....

    By A. V. on 23/Apr/2021 :

    Пол : Triple g perfect
    Комментарии : Product eccellent tt ok

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