• Easy Roots - Mycorrhiza Mix

Easy Roots - Mycorrhiza Mix

Give your plants the best start in life by relying on the proven power of Mother Nature. 100% organic, our unique blend of Glomeromycotan fungus is the natural way to grow healthier, better-quality plants. By optimising the absorption rate of your plant's root system, the Easy Roots Mycorrhiza Mix takes the complication out of growing!
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Easy Roots - Mycorrhiza Mix: Tried And Tested By Mother Nature—Loved By Growers

When growing in a soil medium, the attentiveness needed to create optimal conditions can put some growers off. That is why we have harnessed the tried and tested benefits of microbial fungi to take the complication out of growing.

Over millions of years, fungi have played an essential role in the nutrient supply of plants and trees. By channeling the power of Mother Nature, RQS brings the proven prowess of fungi to your next cultivation project. Once mixed with your soil, the fungal spores penetrate deep into the substrate where they begin to improve the absorption rate of your plant's root system. In exchange for the excess glucose given off by the root system, our Mycorrhiza Mix provides a sustained supply of crucial nutrients. Under optimal conditions, this microbial action can improve the absorption rate of your plant's root system by up to 700%.

Our unique blend of fast-acting spores takes the fuss and complication out of growing, stimulating your plant's root system with just 5 grams per plant. Suitable for all types of potted plants, Easy Roots Mycorrhiza Mix is the simple way to increase root development, strengthen your plant's resilience, and ultimately, improve your yields.

Mycorrhiza Mix For Roots - 50 grams

Our Easy Roots Mycorrhiza Mix takes advantage of over 200 species of Glomeromycotan fungus. Their combined role is to improve the quality of your soil and supercharge your plant's health.

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Fungus Species 
   Rhizophagus irregularis
   Entrophospora colombiana
   Glomus spurcum
   Glomus mosseae
   Glomus geosporum
   Glomus clarum
   Glomus etunicatum

    By S. H. on 24/Sep/2020 :

    Пол : very satisfied customer
    Комментарии : Very good product and I am very satisfied

    By A. F. on 18/Sep/2020 :

    Пол : Soil Health
    Комментарии : This is what soil naturally contains for healthy plant growth. I’ve used bog standard mycorrhiza fungi with good results but I think it was adsorbed onto limestone and was concerned that this could mess with the pH. Hopefully this stuff should be ideally suited to the type of plant grown in these forums. A little on the expensive side but if it works it’s well worth it.

    By A. L. on 17/Sep/2020 :

    Пол : Buen Producto
    Комментарии : Entrega rápida y discreta . Buen producto , abonado a Jack47 auto , crecimiento vigoroso y planta muy robusta para exterior , volveré a repetir . Gracias

    By G. V. on 14/Sep/2020 :

    Пол : nice and simple
    Комментарии : used as per instructions and my plants are thriving, what more is there to say?

    By A. S. on 18/Aug/2020 :

    Пол : plants robustes
    Комментарии : semble bien fonctionner associée avec le reste de la gamme "easy".

    By S. P. on 04/Aug/2020 :

    Пол : perfetto
    Комментарии : Prodotto fantastico, che aiuta molto e risparmia un sacco di tempo nel dosaggio dei fertilizzanti e aiuta davvero la pianta! lo acquistero nuovamente!

    By Y. R. on 28/Jul/2020 :

    Пол : Os fungos crescem rápidos e são visíveis
    Комментарии : Gostei do resultado, qualidade e preço. É preciso medir asa 4g em uma balança, como também a 1g que vai abaixo da raiz da planta.

    By F. C. on 24/Jul/2020 :

    Пол : buon prodotto
    Комментарии : Sembra essere un buon prodotto

    By J. C. on 16/Jul/2020 :

    Пол : Good stiff
    Комментарии : Works really well would always buy it

    By L. C. on 13/Jul/2020 :

    Пол : Root Magic
    Комментарии : Mycorrhiza mix is a winner. It really supports plant root health and vibrancy. I´ve used it right from the beginning in my small seedling pots (Jiffy decomposable pots) so the fungus has an opportunity to grow from an early period. After a week to 10 days, I then place my seedling pots in larger fabric pots 15 - 20 litres, where I´ve premixed more Root Mix (about 3 tsp for 15 litres and 4 tsp for 20 litres). All growing very well and healthily including the companion plants of basil and lemon balm.

    By A. F. on 07/Jul/2020 :

    Пол : Molto utile
    Комментарии : Fondamentale per gettare Una solida base

    By J. F. on 29/Jun/2020 :

    Пол : Spannend
    Комментарии : Benutze es zum ersten mal. Bisher sprechen alle Pflanzen gut drauf an. Kann aber nicht ehrlich beurteilen ob es an den Pilzen alleine liegt

    By D. Z. on 16/Jun/2020 :

    Пол : First time grower
    Комментарии : Easy to use simple instructions happy buyer

    By R. R. on 02/Jun/2020 :

    Пол : Super produit
    Комментарии : Envoie comme à son habitude discret et rapide!

    By A. A. on 01/Jun/2020 :

    Пол : Easy use, great Help
    Комментарии : Great product. Increases drainage of the soil clearly.

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From Cyril | 2020-08-23 10:19:23

Bonjour, dois je mettre du Easy Roots mycorrhiza a chaque rempotage ? Ou seulement au début et après c'est bon pour tout le cycle de vie de la plante?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

The Easy Root is best when used at the beginning of the plant's cycle, as it is meant to prepare the roots for absorbing the nutrition properly.

From Daryl | 2020-08-17 15:00:12

How much soil and how much easy roots do you mix together

Royal Queen Seeds Team

It is recommended to use 5 grams per plant. More information here: https://www.royalqueenseeds.com/blog-healthy-roots-for-healthy-cannabis-plants-n343

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