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All-In-1 GrowCaps

Are you tired of balancing nutrients? Looking for a simple solution? All-In-1 GrowCaps is the straightforward nutritional aid that caters to your cannabis plants at every stage. No matter your experience as a grower, don’t make things more complicated than they need to be—instead, choose GrowCaps.
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All-In-1 GrowCaps: The Right Nutrients, At The Right Time, For The Dankest Buds

Giving your cannabis the right nutrients, at any stage, is essential for a healthy, reliable, and bud-producing plant. The challenge, however, is that balancing nutrients is often far easier said than done. In fact, even the most experienced cultivators can struggle to get the delicate balance right.

All-In-1 GrowCaps is a nutrient solution that takes the fuss and difficulty out of managing nutrient levels. Not only does it make a grower's job more manageable, but it can be used throughout the seedling, vegetation, and flowering stages of cannabis cultivation.

Each individual GrowCap utilises capsuled polymers to ensure the correct nutrients are released at the right time. Instead of having to check the ratio of nutrients your marijuana needs continually, GrowCaps does it for you. The caps are designed to disperse in phases, releasing nutrients precisely when required. Even better, All-In-1 GrowCaps includes bloom booster for those final weeks of flowering, and it won’t stick to roots.

Each packet is designed for one pot and one plant—six steps is all it takes to prepare your pots with GrowCaps.

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1. First, fill your chosen pot with soil (so you know how much to prepare).

2. Pour the soil into a large container and mix it thoroughly with one packet of GrowCaps.

3. Transfer the soil back to its pot and add the correct amount of water as indicated by the formula below. Make sure the water is between 18–22°C (64–71°F).

4. Wait 12 hours before adding more water. Use the same process as step 3.

5. Wait another 12 hours before planting your seedling in the pot and adding a small amount of water.

6. After approximately one week, start your regular watering routine.

GrowCaps helps to retain moisture in the soil, so throughout cultivation, it is essential to reduce your normal watering amount by 30%. To calculate how much water your soil needs during steps 3 and 4, use the following formula:

X litres of soil / 10 = amount of water required (in litres)

That’s all there is to it! If you want a simple, no-nonsense solution to feeding cannabis plants—GrowCaps does it all.

Acrylic Acid
Potassium salt with NPK nutrient solution
NPK 9-5-5
Total nitrogen (N) 8,60% of which nitrate nitrogen (NO₃)-->1,30%
Ammonium nitrogen (NH₃)-->0,10%
Phosphorus (P₂O₅)-->4,81%
Potassium oxide (K₂O)-->4,08%
Sulfur trioxide (SO₃)-->4,90%
Magnesium oxide (MgO)-->1,25%
Manganese oxide (MnO)-->0,40%
Boron oxide (B₂O₃)-->0,64%
Zinc (Zn) 0,30%-->0,30%
Cobalt (Co)-->0,05%

    By M. T. on 05/Jan/2021 :

    Пол : Great stuff
    Комментарии : Works well with autos, You will ser the dofference

    By L. M. on 28/Dec/2020 :

    Пол : Nutrição....
    Комментарии : Recomendo .....ajuda muito na produção de grandes plantas

    By M. H. on 26/Nov/2020 :

    Пол : RoyalKinGz
    Комментарии : Easy to use you can't go wrong

    By A. B. on 26/Nov/2020 :

    Пол : A.B.
    Комментарии : Very easy to use, gave great results. Will definitely use again.

    By D. S. on 23/Nov/2020 :

    Пол : Hassle free and it really works
    Комментарии : Easy to use and the plant has shown no sign of deficiencies, with only 2 weeks to go until flushing starts

    By A. F. on 26/Oct/2020 :

    Пол : Super!
    Комментарии : Very good!

    By A. L. on 14/Oct/2020 :

    Пол : Bravissimi come sempre!!
    Комментарии : Impeccabili!! Proprio quello che ci voleva per grower un po’ pigri come me😂😂😂

    By D. P. on 01/May/2020 :

    Пол : Absolutely amazing
    Комментарии : Definitely a must-have my plants bevor where migets and with all in one they grow into gigants

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From Anastasia | 2020-08-06 10:04:01

All-In-1 GrowCaps is suitable for both autoflowering and normal plants?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

Yes, you can use it with autoflowering and photoperiod plants.

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