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Counter your pest problem with all-natural Neemazal Neem Oil. A few applications will keep insect pests and fungal diseases at bay, allowing your cannabis plants to survive and thrive in peace.
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Neemazal - Neem Oil: A Natural Solution To Pests

Neem oil serves as a completely natural way to protect your cannabis plants against pests. Extracted from the South Asian neem tree, neem oil possesses several insecticidal molecules that reduce or eliminate pest invasions.

Insects pose a threat to many cannabis growing operations. A few aphids or whiteflies might inflict a few holes here and there, whereas a full-blown infestation can lead to stunted growth, reduced yields, and even plant fatalities. Neem oil offers a natural alternative to potentially dangerous synthetic pesticides. Although they work well at taking out insects, they can leave harmful residue behind on your flowers and damage delicate soil microbiology.

Although neem oil does a fantastic job of defending cannabis plants against attacks, Neemazal goes a step further. This high-potency extract contains a higher concentration of the naturally occurring molecules azadirachtin, meliantriol, nimbine, and salanine. These chemicals deter pests and even stop them from eating.

This neem oil helps to repel a whole host of insects, including:

  • Aphids
  • Whiteflies
  • Mites
  • Nematodes
  • Woodlouse
  • Thrips
  • Sciarid flies

After application, the formula biodegrades without damaging the soil. In addition to insect pests, this organic preparation also helps to prevent fungal diseases that cause mould and rot.

How to use

  1. Add 2ml per litre of water.
  2. Apply as a foliar spray upon first signs of pest larva.
  3. Mist the stems and both sides of the fan leaves.
  • Can also be applied routinely as a preventative measure.
  • Only apply as a foliar spray during the vegetative phase. Do not spray flowers with the formula. Instead, apply as a root drench.

Each bottle of Neem Oil contains 30ml of this insect-repelling formula.

Neem Oil data sheet
Growing: Plant Care

    By M. C. on 25/Mar/2021 :

    Пол : Perfetto
    Комментарии : Non ho ancora avuto modo di provarlo, ma leggendo i commenti credo di aver fatto un ottimo acquisto.

    By J. L. on 16/Mar/2021 :

    Пол : Neem azal
    Комментарии : A few flys but after use neem azal no more flys in one week . Highly recomended this product.👍👍👍

    By N. P. on 15/Mar/2021 :

    Пол : Great stuff
    Комментарии : Works as advertised. I used this on all my plants and even some seedlings. I used to have a lot of flies in my grow room. After the first time using this stuff I only had to watch the population go down. After two times al flies had died, I used it a third time just to be sure.

    By A. M. on 17/Feb/2021 :

    Пол : Mr.
    Комментарии : I bought one ! I used it few days ago as a spray and it seems to work well because I had some parasites in my growing room and I've not seen them anymore ! So I recommend this product !

    By S. A. on 10/Feb/2021 :

    Пол : Magnifique
    Комментарии : Produit très efficace

    By K. L. on 27/Jan/2021 :

    Пол : Efficace
    Комментарии : Testé dès que des mouches on fait leurs apparitions plus rien 24h après Mes plantes vont bien Donc je recommande

    By C. B. on 08/Jan/2021 :

    Пол : neemazal
    Комментарии : good product, good quality, as always with RQS

    By B. B. on 04/Jan/2021 :

    Пол : bro
    Комментарии : Parfait contre les nuisibles

    By D. S. on 29/Dec/2020 :

    Пол : Dave
    Комментарии : De olie doet het goed 2x spuiten en probleem was zo goed als weg top!!

    By S. P. on 21/Dec/2020 :

    Пол : Neem oil
    Комментарии : Top product and very fast and quick to resolve the problem !!!

    By P. J. on 30/Nov/2020 :

    Пол : Success
    Комментарии : Finally got rid of the bugs that where a total pain. Thanks RQS.

    By A. H. on 12/Nov/2020 :

    Пол : Andi
    Комментарии : Neemöl hilft bei Befall von Pilzen und kleinsten Insekten. Es muss früh angewendet werden und mehrfach wiederholt werden. Wenn man biologisch vorgehen möchte ist dieses Öl eine gute Wahl.

    By T. C. on 09/Nov/2020 :

    Пол : Semplice da usare
    Комментарии : Trovo sia un ottimo prodotto. L'olio arriva assieme a una pipetta dosatrice molto pratica. 2ml in un litro d'acqua e applicando secondo istruzioni non avrete problemi. Io avevo dei moschini, applicando per 5 gg consecutivi per bloccare il ciclo di riproduzione e ho risolto, la mia pianta ora è perfetta!

    By P. B. on 30/Oct/2020 :

    Пол : The product is awesome
    Комментарии : Really is a great protection for the plants.

    By A. P. on 08/Oct/2020 :

    Пол : Pienestä koostaan huolimatta riittoisaa
    Комментарии : Yllätyin kun kärpäset hävisivät suurimmalta osalta jo 2ml käytöllä. Odottelen uusien hyönteisten ilmaantumista =) Tuote on miellyttävän tuoksuista. Suosittelen pipetin hankkimista annosteluun.

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From Alberto Congiu | 2020-08-16 09:07:08

Con quale frequenza deve essere utilizzato? Grazie

Royal Queen Seeds Team

As prevention, we recommend using it in intervals of 14 days. If your plant has already been infected, it should be used every 7 days until the pest is controlled.

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